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Hyesung is a rising freshman in UCLA. As a Korean American living in the United States, through KAYLT he seeks what his potentials are to serve for his community. He excels both in academics and athletics with dedication. He is a high honors student and a student athlete in the varsity basketball team. He is the president of the Korean Club. Outside of School, he served as a vice president in his youth church group in Berendo Street Baptist Church, and is currently the praise leader of the youth group. Throughout the program, he seeks to develop more to become a leader.




Keren Yi is a rising senior at LACES, a magnet high school situated in the heart of Los Angeles. As a student editor at the Korea Daily and a current intern at the KW Lee Center for Leadership, Keren has always been deeply involved in the community and interested in exploring disempowering perceived limitations. Keren hopes to return to the Koreatown community later in her life, in order to give back and instill a sense of solidarity and confidence in the next generation's youth.


Sang-Min Kim is a rising junior at Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies High School. He was born in the city of Jinju, South Korea, and flew to Los Angeles when he was 2 years old. He is a huge lover of all types of food and especially coffee. He has an immense passion for music (cello) and intellectual debate. He is the youngest member of KAYLT high school program of 2013. He hopes to gain as much experience as a leader and knowledge in community organizing through the Missing Pieces project.



Pooreum Seo is an upcoming senior at Los Angeles High School. She enjoys reading books and eating as much as possible. She loves spending time with her puppy and enjoys watching people smile and laugh. Through this program, Korean American Youth Leaders in Training, she hopes to help her community and make more people able to smile together and hopes that one day, everyone will laugh together and live peacefully, because if there’s a will, there’s a way.


Rachel Cho is currently a senior attending Village Christian. She decided to join KAYLT because she enjoys the city atmosphere of Koreatown and wants to be more involved with her community. She strives to grow stronger as a leader in order to help people move forward and understand the importance of training this generation. Through the KAYLT program, she has learned many things. She can’t wait to share her experience with others.


Bo-Kyung was born in South Korea, moved to LA at the age of 2 and was brought up in the busy streets of Koreatown. She is currently a rising senior at John Marshall High School. She attends school for the joy of socializing with her friends and learning new things. Outside of school, she is involved with many other organizations that mostly relate to her culture. She joined the KAYLT program to contribute to making her community a better place and to improve her leadership skills.


Annie Choi is a rising senior at the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies High School. She enjoys dancing, snowboarding, and listening to alternative and rock. She was born in the city of Hollywood, but she still loves Koreatown because of the multiple korean barbeque restaurants. Prior to joining the program, the majority of her Korean knowledge was related to Korean food; however, the program taught her more about the rich culture and history like the Korean War.


Joyce Lee is an upcoming senior at the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies. She is a huge fan of KPOP and food, particularly Korean food. Born and raised in the heart of Koreatown, she wants to be more involved in the community and strives to become an inspiring young leader. She is currently an intern at the K. W. Lee Center for Leadership and through this program, she hopes to learn new materials and give back to the community.


Eugine Chung is the team leader and currently an upcoming senior attending Granada Hills Charter High School. From the day she was born, Eugine always had a passion for making the people around her smile. She enjoys spending time with her family, but also enjoys listening to music and writing freely outdoors. Eugine aspires to become a role model and to positively influence her peers. Although she dislikes sitting down for a long time, Eugine could spend a whole day sleeping if she was allowed to. Eugine hopes after conquering the despicable SAT and AP exams, that she is able to travel the world by herself one day. Eugine joined the KAYLT internship to foster her love for creating movements in her community and discovering the possibilities that life has to offer.

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